Grass Hogs Lawn Tractor Racing

MOW with US!

Join us.  We are small club of Lawn tractor racing.  We race in eastern Ontario.  . We are currently rebuilding for a 2022 race season.

The Mission

To be ready for racing as soon as possible

How you can help

Build one

Find a broken down used lawnmower and cut it up. Make it new again.

Reach out to us

This is a grassroots sports. You will have to learn new skills. Building from scratch, designing, try, making mistakes, improve, repeat.

Join us

Hopeful to be traveling to multiple locations for 2022, mow down lawns near you.

Did you know?

Grass Hogs Lawnmower racing is AWESOME.

Help us continue 

Graphic designer, Race day personal, +more, needed.